Changing my Instagram and Why

Sharing my journey has been what this is all about for me. And there is so much hate that I get for sharing my bikini pictures.

As a result I have decided that I will no longer be sharing any of my bikini pictures on Instagram or Twitter. If I share anything it will be a profile picture and nothing more. So yes that means the only place you will see them is on my select sets website. Also, I feel that it is time to slow them down. Last year I took lots of bikini pictures which were fun but they have become boring as I am running out of poses.

The last photoshoot that I did with the painting was so much fun. I want to have fun with my photoshoots. Like really if you have not gotten that set you should. And I even uploaded the video for that one on YouTube. I will still do bikini sets but new sets will be limited to one a month and there will definitely be a few months that I will not get one done. Also I have moved to a much colder state so going to the beach in the winter time is not fun. 

There will also be times that I take breaks and do not post a set that week. When I decided to move my content to select sets from a subscriber style site this was the reason. Having the ability to take breaks as I needed to.